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A Fond Farewell...

You might have already heard, that I will be leaving World Treasures at the end of May. I came to World Treasures last August as the interim manager, thinking I would stay for 2 months...and here we are in May!

I am very proud of the way the store has flourished. We hear on a daily basis how much people love the store, how clean it is, and how friendly our staff is. Our new floor that was installed in January really changed the whole vibe of our store.

Over the past 9 months we have worked together as a team to partner with organizations like Hannah's Homestead, CASA, Holly Place and The Women's Club and churches taking things to Appalachia.

We grew our online presence by posting frequently on Facebook, setting up a WT website and establishing a BLOG where I posted frequently. We grew our sales by reinstituting our monthly silent auction and by setting up a booth at Weaver's Treasures on Pennsylvania Avenue. We also began advertising on Word FM to get out world about our store beyond Hagerstown.

To better serve our customers, we purchased reusable bags, offered a Senior Citizen discount on Mondays, and lowered the price of all clothes to 94 cents. We also began a homeless outreach where we give needed items to homeless folks free of charge.

We recently partnered with the State's Attorneys Office to help those in need of community service hours obtain them through helping at our store. We now put aside blankets and towels that didn't meet the standards of our store to donate to the SPCA. We are always looking for ways to help others.

To show our appreciation for our volunteers, we instituted a generous volunteer discount program. We also reached out to the community to obtain a picnic table so that our volunteers could eat lunch in the sunshine.

I have loved this job so much! I have loved and managed the store like it was my own business. I have loved being with the WT Family, seeing all of the amazing merchandise that comes in, and watching the store flourish as we brought new ideas to life. And our customers....well, they are simply the best.

Thank you for the awesome ride. I'll miss you. Love,


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