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New Floor = New Store

If you've ever done any project at your home, you probably know two things...

  1. It will take longer than you thought

  2. It is always more complicated than you expect.

Such was the case with the installation of our new floors at WT.

Though our concrete tile floors were only installed 4 years ago, there was some problem (the cause of which no one could agree on) that caused the glue between the tiles to seep between the tiles and onto our floor. The glue was like stuck to the bottom of shoes, got tracked around the store, and was very difficult to clean up. As more customers began to shop our store, and the floor received more traffic, the problem intensified.

We finally made the decision to have laminated floors installed. We expected the project to take two took 6.

On December 31st, we began moving things to make room for the installation. If you've ever been in our store, you know that we have a lot of items, and this was no small task.

In our furniture room, the tile was cracked and uneven, and the installers decided to remove the existing tile.

There were also areas that needed patched. The days just kept ticking by....

Eventually, things started to come together, the last piece of flooring was installed, and we began to put the store back together.

Our new floors are stunning. They give the store the finished, high end boutique look we are ever striving for. We could not be more pleased with the results. Also, we have been blessed with the best staff/and volunteers we could ever ask for. Moving all of the furniture and stock was a huge, heavy job, but our volunteers were glad to help, and they worked together beautifully. On Saturday, they came back in to arrange the store so that it will be easier for our shoppers to move around and to see our merchandise. So here's a big shout out to Victor, Ben, Ron, Jen, Dawn, Jean, Noah, and David - you rock.

Please come in this week to see our amazing new store. While we were closed last week, we still received donations and our back room is bursting with merchandise that will be put out on the floor this week.

Thank you to our customers for being patient while we were closed. We missed you and are looking forward to seeing you again!


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Looking forward to the new, enhanced show place👍

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