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Silent Auction Frenzy!

Have you ever been to an auction? My husband and I regularly attend, and I would describe the auction experience as exciting, entertaining, and educational. It's exciting to watch as bids quickly escalate, entertaining as the auctioneers humorously quip and engage the crowd, and educational as you learn about the value and purpose of unusual and antique items.

In September, WT revived our in store Silent Auction, and it has been wildly successful! I think part of the appeal of the silent auction is that you don't feel pressured. You can bid and rebid at your leisure. Also, you don't have the direct confrontation of bidding against another person standing close by. Finally, we have some great items that you can get for a steal.

Some of the items we offer in our silent auction include beautiful jewelry (did you see our 1/3 carat diamond ring?), Longaberger baskets, Vintage Tin Toys, and items that are brand name including Kate Spade, Waterford and Gucci. Our most popular items have been an X-Box, an antique German Sword and vintage Pyrex refrigerator dishes.

This month, we are offering some really unique items, including a full set of Lincoln Logs, Maruri Cowboy and Cowgirl figurines, and vintage butterfly and bird tin toys.

Come in today to check out our items, located in the glass case beside the cash register. There's something for everyone! We'll give you a bidder number and you will be set. It's fun to participate and you could get an amazing bargain on a great item. Happy Bidding!

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